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Now Recruiting – Gender and Sexuality Editors

<br /> Now Recruiting – Gender and Sexuality Editors

We are seeking PhD students/candidates, early career scholars and advanced Masters students (who have plans to embark on further study), to help us develop our coverage of debates and research focused around gender and sexuality. This role incorporates both theoretical approaches (feminism, queer theory etc.) and more empirical approaches (regional expertise, policy analysis etc.). Members of our commissioning team work in editorial groups to use their expertise of a subject area to commission and edit high-quality articles from experts. It is a role that allows you to network across our team and also to work directly with the expert authors who you will identify, and then seek content from. You will also be able to conduct interviews with scholars, review the latest publications, and even edit, or contribute to, our books. We are also welcome our editors to write for the website. It is a versatile role suitable for advanced students and early career academics who are self-starters, enjoy reading the latest research and want to help to advance their field.

A bit about us

Volunteering with E-International Relations (E-IR) is not your typical ‘work experience’. First, we coordinate our activities remotely using Slack. So, you do not need to physically attend a place of work to volunteer with us. Second, E-IR has no paid staff, we are all volunteers. We volunteer some of our spare time because we want to have a hand in maintaining the best online resource for students and scholars of international politics. Finally, we empower our editors to learn skills, manage their own time and develop their own projects. The result is that the more volunteers give of themselves, the more they take away from the experience. It is no surprise that many of our editors have built on their experience with E-IR to go on to senior positions in the publishing industry, politics, and academia.

To apply, send us an email titled ‘Gender and Sexuality Editor’ to join@e-ir.info

Within that email – in less than 500 words (NB: we do not want a pre-written CV):

1) Tell us what we need to know about your academic past/present and your future plans
2) Lay out some concise ideas about how you would like to help us develop our coverage of gender and sexuality. The more specific, the better. Looking around our website and prior publications first is recommended.
3) Attach, or link, at least one writing sample.

Applications close on 8 March. We will respond to anyone that catches our eye within 20 working days. Unfortunately, due to the number of enquiries that we receive, we cannot reply to candidates that we do not shortlist.

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