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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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British soldiers sacked for being gay can now get their medals back : worldnews

This is great for many reasons. The recognition they are due is definitely warranted. It also has an economic aspect for the soldiers.

Last year, Joe Ousalice, 70, a Falklands veteran, was personally handed back his long service and good conduct medal by the defence secretary, Ben Wallace, which had been removed from him in 1993 after a court martial.

Ousalice, who is bisexual, had served 18 years as a communications officer in the Royal Navy before he was dismissed on charges that he maintains were fabricated. He won his medal back after he had launched a legal action, which led the MoD to apologise to him – and to promise to review the wider situation.

“This is nowhere near enough,” Ousalice said. “Basically, when they take your medal from you, the medal effectively decrees what you get for your pension. By taking my medal and three good conduct badges that I had, my rank was cut. I had to wait until 60 before drawing a pension, whereas I could have got it immediately.”

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