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Saab reveals first UAE developed product at IDEX 2021

Saab, a leading defense and security company in the UAE, is revealing its first UAE-developed product at IDEX 2021.

Saab’s inaugural UAE-developed product is a Rugged Camera Module – Infrared, (RCAM-IR) which features an extremely rugged design for harsh and demanding environments.

This is the first of many such products to be developed in the UAE and is part of Saab’s objective to support the country and regional manufacturers with advanced and reliable electronic solutions.


RCAM-IR is available with a variety of different field of views making it optimal for both Driver Vision Enhancer System (DVE) as well as for Local Situational Awareness Systems (LSAS). The increased situational awareness due to RCAM-IR will be part of a self-protection suite designed to mitigate threats to crews and armoured vehicles.

To support the expansion, production and rollout of products in the UAE, Saab has developed a production line and testing facility, a support hub as well as a sales and marketing functions.

Anna-Karin Rosén, Managing Director of Saab Ltd, said: “We are excited to launch our first locally-developed product, a fully rugged IR camera, at IDEX 2021. This is the first product Saab has conceptualised, developed and produced in the UAE, marking a significant milestone for us in the country and showcasing our contribution here. This is the first of many more products to follow, as we continue to develop our Vehicle Electronics capabilities in the UAE.”

The launch of RCAM-IR is a result of Saab’s partnership with its local partners. In 2018, Saab set up its development and production centre in Abu Dhabi’s Tawazun Industrial Park.

“We pride ourselves on playing a central role in the UAE’s growth in the defence and security sector. We believe that partnerships are key to success and we’re looking forward to continue working with our partners to building both a strong foundation and a defence and security ecosystem in the UAE,” Rosén added.

Saab is an early investor in the UAE having started its business in the 1980s and is using its unrivalled innovation, expertise and capabilities to create world-class Emirati defence and security solutions, for national needs as well as the global market.

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