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Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis: ‘I lost my hand when a soldier tried to rape me’. ‘An Ethiopian schoolgirl has told the BBC how she lost her right hand defending herself from a soldier who tried to rape her

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Three opposition parties in Tigray have said extra-judicial killings and gang rape had become “Everyday practices”, also citing the case of a father forced to rape his daughter at gunpoint.

Weyni Abraha, who is from the Tigray women’s rights group Yikono and was in Mekelle until the end of December, told the BBC that she believes rape is being used as a weapon in the war.

Last week the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said 108 cases of rape had been reported over the last two months in the whole of Tigray, though it admitted “Local structures such as police and health facilities where victims of sexual violence would normally turn to report such crimes are no longer in place”.

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