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Australia news live: Linda Reynolds taken to hospital; Kelly’s exit from Libs prompts Nats leadership talk | Australia news

Firstly, the nurse on the scene stepped in and I want to thank her for her strength of character and her professionalism.

Secondly, the contractor has stood down – the doctor in question – from the program.

Thirdly, the monitoring of the patients – which is the most important thing – has been ongoing, the partnership between the commonwealth facility and Queensland Health and I want to thank Queensland Health and in particular the Queensland chief health officer as well as the Queensland minister.

She and he were in contact late last night and early this morning. And in particular the chief medical officer has engaged in the early incident work and the deputy chief medical officer of Australia, Professor Paul Kidd, an esteemed general practitioner, will review the events, make any recommendations, but every participants can only participate in providing vaccinations so long as they have had the training and so we will examine what were the circumstances.

That will be ongoing and we will provide public guidance. But the most important thing is we engage in the transparency.

When we know, we provide that information. And significantly that patients themselves are showing, at this point, on the latest advice that I have, five minutes before joining us, absolutely no adverse reaction.

It is in line with the fact that significantly higher doses than have finally been chosen were chosen as parts of early clinical trials around the world.

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